It is one of the largest and most beautiful ski centers in Greece. It has 12 pistes and endless slopes that skiers enjoy due to the very good quality of the snow, but also the breathtaking view.
According to history, the Macedonian king Philip II chose this area to build his summer palace, due to its strategic location and the amazing natural landscape. The son of Alexander the Great, at a young age, sat in the cave of the Nymphs overlooking the waterfalls of Tsurgiaka and planned the future.
The two international paths E6 and E4, starting from Sweden and Portugal respectively, crossed the prefecture of Grevena for centuries, creating a crossroads for the exchange of ideas and cultural elements. The E6 enters Grevena from the foot of Smolika, passes through Vasilitsa and, crossing Valia Kalda, continues south. The E4 crosses the southern part of the prefecture in Kamvounia.

Path E6

A 6-hour route that requires good physical condition and rewards the hiker with unique images of a forgotten green paradise as he crosses one of the most pristine holes of the Forest, next to the wild beauty of Valia Kirna (Devil's Stream), starting from the villages of Distratos and ending in Samarina.

Aetia Waterfalls

Visit to the waterfalls of Aeti, which are created by the "Velonia" stream, which descends from the slopes of Vasilitsa.

The Cave of the Nymphs, an ancient refuge for the women of the area in the days of Philip. Route of relative difficulty lasting 4 hours.

Artificial lake of Mavranaion

At a breathing distance from the Grevena - Vasilitsa road, the artificial lake of Mavranai, hidden in an oak forest environment, is an ideal choice for everyone. Fishing, canoeing, archery, flying fox

Tour of the Stone Bridges

Aziz Aga (the highest single-arched bridge in Macedonia), Kangelia, Stavropotamos, Spanos Bridge (5 arches), Thief's Bridge (the smallest, names linked to Greek history, the games and the special architecture that continues to arouse everyone's interest.

Speleou Gorge - Kalogria's Cell

One of the most impressive gorges in Greece with vertical slopes of 200 m and a length of 800 m. Crossed by the Aspropotamos, the central artery of the Venetian, it is a representative image of the geomorphology of Pindos. On the walls of the canyon, at a height of 180 m., a natural opening with great depth literally hangs, known as Kelli tis Kalogria, as the story says that at the beginning of the 15th century, a Kalogria cloistered there, finding refuge and protection from the Turks.

Tour of the Mastorochoria of Voiou

Kalloni (folklore museum), Dilofos, Dasylio, Chrysavgi, Koryfi, Rodochoi, Krimini, Pentalofos.

A tour of the paved paths of the history of the famous Epirotian Stone Masters of Petra who left an era all over Greece and especially in the Pelioritic villages.

Mountain Regional zone of Valia Kalda - Petra Mesiri

Following the tracks of the Brown Bear, we cross one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Pindos massif. Dense conifer forests with abundant water and vegetation.

Valia Kalda National Park - Pyrinas - Arkudorema - Waterfalls

Valia Kalda National Park - Fleggas Lakes

A three-hour ascent through the Silver and Dark Forests at an altitude of 1950 m. in the mountainous lakes of Flega with a unique view of the artificial lake of Aoos.

The Wild Mushroom Trail

Mushroom Knowledge and Mushroom Tasting Seminar. Informative presentation about the Wild Mushrooms of the area (over 1500 different species of which at least 100 are edible). Detection, identification and collection practice. Cooking of collected wild mushrooms, mushroom soup, mushroom spoon sweets.

For the Third Age

Recreation and rejuvenation program for elderly participants. Two days of pleasant stay and mild activities, adapted to their abilities.

For People with Disabilities

Excursioners with disabilities can also participate in the programs. Qualified instructors and special logistical equipment enable the integration of people with mobility or other disabilities into the programs.