Visit the Venetian fortress of Agios Andreas in the center of Preveza.
Climb the hill of Turkovuni with the panoramic view of the bay and the site of the Fishing Cooperative in "Daliani of Laskara".
Leave the car and start various trekking routes through paths that will really charm you.
Tour by boat from the mouth of the Louros River to the height of Samsounda and on your way back admire almost half of Amvrakikos up close.
In Kastrosykia and Kanali you can indulge in water sports.
Lovers of the seabed can dive in Pantokrator.
Anchor in the marina of Preveza and begin the journey into legend, history and the rich natural environment.
Take a large part of your time to visit Nikopolis and ancient Kassopi.
If you have time, visit the archaeological site of the ancient Baths in Kastri Rizovouniou.
Stroll the Roman Aqueduct in Agios Georgios and relax in the leisure park next to the Aqueduct.
Enjoy your coffee by the lake of Ziros and take the road that passes through the wooded area. The area will create a sense of calm and peace.
Start by walking from Trikastro to Skala Tzavelaina, a route of about 10 km crossing the Straits of Acheron.
The brave will be rewarded by enjoying the majesty of the "Gates of Hades" (Gate 3 and Gate 2).
Climb Anogeio and enjoy the beautiful view and tranquility of the landscape.
In Anogio, snow lovers will not find a ski center but you can ski on the natural ski slopes.
Revive in Gorgomylos the characteristic custom of "Chancellor".
Explore the town of Philippiada with its beautiful squares and pedestrian streets.
Try pedal mullet and buy roe.
Visit the lake and the hydroelectric dam of Louros.
Amateur fishermen and adventure lovers spend time at Lake Ziros.
Visit the Dragon's Cave on foot from the Information Center in Ammoudia.
In the summer months swim from the Javelaina Stairs to the Dala Bridge.
Get the right equipment and cross the Tsangariotiko stream.
Rafting enthusiasts should know that the Acheron is suitable for this activity from its exit from the Straits near Glyki to its estuary.
The challenge is hidden in the Stegen section for those who love kayaking.
Visit the wells of Souli and the Castle of Kiapha in Samoniva.
Take a bath in Ormos tou Odysseus and enjoy the rich pine forest.
Admire the natural waterfalls that form to the east of Kanalaki, near the Bougia bridge, in successive levels after rainy periods.
By following the instructions of the Information Center in Ammoudia you will be able, in suitable places, to observe the wetland vegetation and discover the animals that live there.