At a short distance from the city of Arta in the area of ​​Gribovou there are 3 organized para pete tracks. Also, the Municipality of Arta is preparing a track on the hill of Peranthi (Prophet Elias). Finally Para Pette can be done by the visitor in general in the area of ​​Tzoumerka on unorganized tracks. RAFTING - KAYAKING:
The Arachthos River offers unique Rafting and Kayaking routes. A very beautiful route is the one from the bridge of Plaka to the village of Skoupa. Also, the visitor of Artas Prefecture can do Rafting and Kayaking on the Acheloos River. MOUNTAINEERING:
There are interesting mountain routes in the mountains of Tzoumerko, Xirovouni, Gavrogos and Kokkinolakkos. MOTO CROSS TRACK:
There is an organized Moto cross track in Filothei Artas where Panhellenic Races are held every year. SWIMMING - FISHING:
You can swim or fish in the area of ​​Koronesia.