In Tinos many events take place throughout the year. Most important is the "Celebration of the Dormition of the Virgin" on the fifteenth of August, where crowds of believers from all parts of Greece flood the island. The previous afternoon, a wreath is also laid at the mausoleum of the warrior "Elli". One of the most important holidays of the island is also the "Finding of the Icon of the Virgin Mary" festival, on January 30, or as the locals call it, "the big day". Also of great interest is the "Festival of Agia Pelagia", where the Holy Icon is brought to the monastery of Kehrovouni with the accompaniment of people. The monastery is filled with believers who are hosted by the nuns and in the evening when the procession returns the icon, the sight is truly magical.
Regarding the manners and customs of Tinos, we mention: the "Custom of Kavos" in Tripotamos during the Christmas period with many medieval and early Christian elements. The "Halloween Dance" and the "Alphabet of Love", where they are celebrated on Chiknopepti in Triantaros. There the dancers sit in a circle and sing playful lyrics connecting them in alphabetical order. Of course, the celebration does not lack treats from the locals and the consumption of plenty of wine and local delicacies. On the last Sunday of Halloween, a big carnival takes place in the village of Falatados and in the village of Agapi, the "Makarona Celebration". Finally, you can participate in the "Honey Festival" in Kampos and the "Artichoke Festival" in Komi.
July 23 in Tinos, the anniversary of the vision of the nun Pelagia. The festival that gathers more and more believers. The transfer of the Holy Icon to the monastery of Ag. Pelagia in the morning and her return in the evening are a sensational "event".


January 15 , Saint John of Kalyvitis
January 17 , Saint Anthony in Steni
January 25 , Gregory the Theologian in Falatados
January 30 , Eureseos (Fanarakia) in Chora
February 10 , Saint Charalambos in Tarambados, in Agia Triada, in Chora, in Vaty Zoodochos Pigis in Xoburgos and the Two Villages
May 21 , Saints Constantine and Helen in Steni and in the Holy Trinity of the Ascension of Christ in Arnados, Agia Triada, Kampos and Kardiani, in Saint Triada, Falatados and Hatzirados
June 29 , Saints Peter and Paul in Triantaros
, June 30, Saints Apostolos in Triantaros
July 1 , Saints Anargyros in Arnados, Marlas and Porto
July 17 , Saints Marinas in Pyrgos
July 20 , Prophet Elias in Chora
July 23 , Festival in Kehrovouniu Monastery
July 25 , Saints Annas in Tzados
July 26 , Saints Friday in Hysternia
August 6 , Transfiguration of the Savior in Priastrio and Karia
August 15 , Dormition of the Virgin in Panagia Megalochari
August 18 , Saint Agapitos in Agapi
August 23 , Our Lady Xeni in Pyrgos
August 23 , Nine Days of Our Lady in Tsikinas
August 29 , Saint John the Baptist in Komi
September 1 , Saint Katapoliani in Ysternia
September 6 , Saint Sostis in Agios Sostis
September 8 , Saint Kiouras in Kardiani, Birthday of Saint John in Vourniotissa
September 12 , Saint Catholic in Komi
September 14 , Elevation of the Holy Cross in Ktikados and Chora
September 24 , Agia Thekla in Ormos Ysternion and Pyrgos
October 26 , Agios Dimitrios in Pyrgos, Karya and Tsikinas
November 5, Agios Zacharias in Komi
November 8 , Taxiarchon in Pyrgos, in the Middle and Steni
November 11 , Agios Minas in Kardiani, in Xoburgos and in Pyrgos
November 21 , Entrances of the Virgin to Tripotamos
November 25 , Agia Ekaterini in Kampos
4 December , Agia Varvara in Chora
5 December , Agios Savvas in Chora
6 December , Agios Nikolaos in Steni
9 December and 25 July, Agia Anna in Steni
12 December , Agios Spyridon in Ktikados
13 December , Agia Loukia in Karia and Arnados

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou