Donousa also known as Denousa, the Donousa of the ancients, the Stenosa or Spinosa of the foreign sailors of the 10th century. (Luigi Lamberti: Portolano del Mare Mediterraneo, Livorno 1856 vol.II p.286) together with Amorgos are the easternmost islands of the Cyclades.
The island had been inhabited since the geometric years and this is evident from the remains of geometric settlements found in Donoussa.
According to mythology, Donoussa is the island where Dionysus hid Ariadne so that Theseus would not find her.
The excavations carried out on the island brought to light building remains of a settlement from the Geometric period as well as remains of houses from the Bronze Age.
Donoussa became known in Greek political events from the fact that its inhabitants learned of Othon's eviction 14 years later! (when King George I visited the island).
Later, it became known in the History of the First World War due to the "coaling" i.e. the supply of coal to the German cruiser Gaben hidden behind Cape Aspro, thus escaping the English and French warships.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou