If you happen to be on the island during the Easter days, don't miss the opportunity to experience the "Feast of Love", where, after a common meal, the entire small community of Telendos celebrates the departure of the spongers. The Feast of Love is also known as the Feast of Sponges.
The most important festivals that take place in Telendo are those of Agios Panteleimon on 26/7 and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on 15/8.
In both, there is a lot of preparation, several days before, with food and sweets prepared and offered by the housewives, breads baked in wood-fired ovens and of course with island music and dancing. May Day and Agios Ioannis o Klidonas are also celebrated on June 23, where residents light bonfires, jump over them, and then dive into the sea.