Enjoy the magnificent view from the famous Castle of Panagia and the sunset of Gourna.

Visit Lakki and admire its unique architecture.

Visit the Folklore and Historical Museum at Beleni Tower in Alinda as well as the "Tunnel" Archaeological Museum in Merikia.

Visit the small church of Ag. Isidoros and Panagia of Kavouradena.

Rent small boats and take a day trip to the many islands that surround Leros.

water bikes.
For 92 years, the famous Nautical Games have been held in the area of ​​Alinto. They are also called "Alindia" and have as their subject almost all sports related to the liquid element.
So the program includes rowing, the always exciting diving, but also classical swimming.
Leros has significant resources for the development of Diving Tourism. Get breathing apparatus and attempt a trip to the bottom of Leros, with the 7 wrecks of the 2nd World War and the underwater ecosystems of particular ecological value. Do not forget that diving is allowed in specially demarcated areas.