SPINALOGA (Castle) | Lasithi | Crete | Golden Greece
SPINALOGA (Castle) | Lasithi | Crete | Golden Greece



SPINALOGA (Castle) - Lasithi

Spinalonga is a small island that closes the Elounda bay from the north in the Merabello District of the Lasithi Prefecture of Crete. Its ancient name was Kalydon but after its occupation by the Venetians it was called Spinalonga. It was excellently fortified by the Venetians, both in terms of construction and architecture, as well as in terms of the aesthetics of the entire landscape, which even today still maintains its unsurpassed beauty.

After the occupation of Crete in 1649 by the Turks, Spinalonga remained in the hands of the Venetians for another 65 years until 1715. This is due to its thorough fortification. During all this period of 65 years, the "Hainides", the Cretan rebels, who could not stand the killings, the murders, the hangings, the lootings, the exandrapodisms that the new conquerors Turks applied to the island from the first day, climbed the mountain. and the guerilla began immediately with continuous revolutions until 1898 when the last Turk left Crete.

In 1905 it was used as a Leprosy Home where all the lepers of Crete were taken, who were first isolated in "Miskinia", outside Heraklion, and was a source of infection for the rest of the people as well. Finally in 1957 lepers were cured with the discovery of antibiotic drugs.

After 1957, it remained unused for several decades and after the interest of numerous tourists, a systematic restoration and repair of the old buildings, the fortified Venetian walls, the old houses, the roads, etc. began to take place. Every year, thousands of visitors visit this beautiful island with boats that they depart every hour from Agios Nikolaos, Elounda and Plaka which is located directly across the land and is about 800 meters away.


SPINALOGA (Castle) - Lasithi - Photographs SPINALOGA (Castle) - Lasithi - Photographs