KYRA PANAGIA (Archaeological Site) - Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia

KYRA PANAGIA (Archaeological Site)

In Kyra Panagia, on the island of Ag. Petros, a Neolithic settlement among the oldest excavated settlements in the Aegean was identified and excavated.
The research brought to light, a permanent settlement of a human society, a Neolithic settlement that was inhabited for a thousand years, from the middle of the 6th millennium BC. Most of the Neolithic settlement is submerged in the sea, at a depth of 10m.
In Kyra Panagia, two fortified fortifications have also been identified in the two natural ports of the island, Planitis and Ag. Petro, inhabited from classical to Roman times. In the countryside of the island there are several agricultural facilities from the same era.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou