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CHRYSOSPILIA (Archaeological Site)

CHRYSOSPILIA (Archaeological Site) - Folegandros

To visit the well-known cave of Chrysospilia, one of the most spectacular natural monuments of Greece in general, it is preferable to take a boat from Karavostasis. To be able to enter this unique unexplored cave you need special permission from the community and of course the weather must be mild without strong winds. The cave is located on the north-eastern side of the island, almost 10 meters above sea level. Many remarkable findings were found inside it, such as human bones, broken vessels, a Roman water tank, but also evidence that proves that this place was a place of worship and most likely coming of age ceremonies in the 4th century BC. On the walls of the roof and its sides can be seen many names together with the place of origin of teenagers who took part in these ceremonies. Something unique in the Greek area in general. Also, from other inscriptions, the archaeologists came to the conclusion that the goddess Artemis Selasphoros and Apollo the Protector were worshiped on the island at that time.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou